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How Do I Save a Word File From My iPad To iCloud Drive?

How do I save a Word for iPad file from my iPad to iCloud Drive without having to browse through the entire folders and sub-folders in my iCloud before I reach the desired destination folder? Is there a way to start from the main folders like in my Mac, expanding the directory tree as I go along?
Luis Silva

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    7 years ago

    I'm not a regular user of Word for iOS. But I do have an Office 365 account, so I just tried downloading the Word app.
    It looks like the Word app really wants you to use Microsoft's OneDrive system to save files. Makes sense.
    But if you want to save to iCloud Drive instead, it didn't seem that hard. I hit the Save button, then tapped "More" and iCloud Drive came right up. Looks like their save dialog lists each and every folder you have in iCloud Drive, including subfolders. Is that what is causing the issue?
    If so, the problem lies with the Word app, not with iOS or the iPad. It is up to the app developer (Microsoft in this case) to add any shortcuts or improve the interface.
    So I would try contacting them if you can find a way and let them know about your feature request.

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