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How Do I Save Conversations From a Particular Gmail Label?

I want to switch from Gmail and Chrome to Mail and Safari. However, I haved saved emails numbering 4,000+ from a friend under a particular label for more than dozen years that I must preserve. How can I download just those conversations to an external drive? They reside on a new iMac running the current OS; Gmail and Chrome are current.
William Threlfall

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    3 years ago

    First, you can start using Gmail in Mail right now, without having to stop using it in Chrome. You can do both at the same time. So you can get used to it and figure things out without having to make a “jump.”
    One option is to not worry about it. You can always open Gmail back up in Chrome or Safari and see the labels. If that is how you have been doing it so far, then maybe that is all you need.
    You will probably also see this label appear in Mail as a “folder” in the left sidebar. If you don’t, then you can use the Gmail web interface to choose which labels are shown as IMAP folders and select that one. But I think it will nbc on by default. I have several Gmail “labels” so as folders in Mail, and several that I chose not to show.
    If you really want to download all of the email in that label in addition to switching from web-based to Mail, you can do that with Google’s archiving feature. See and look carefully at the options. You can select just Gmail, and just some labels in Gmail if you want. Or, you could wait for the switch to Mail to complete (downloads all messages) and use the Export Mailbox function in Mail to do this too.

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