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How Do I Save iMovie Project Without Duplicating It?

Latest version of imovie and OS on imac. Ques involves where files are kept, and if they’re duplicative. I like idea of having videos & photos together in Photos Library.

I take video clips, and they automatically go in Photos. Fine. I imported clips into iMovie, as a Project, to edit. When done, I tried “Copy to Library” and “Move to Library,” but both grayed out. I then chose “Share to file,” chose my user folder, and the “Pictures” folder, but “Photos Library” was grayed out. So, I saved it to Pictures folder. I then dragged it to the Photos app icon in the dock, and it finally copied into Photos. It still appears in the “Pictures” folder in my user folder.
1) It appears that I have this new edited video in 3 places: in”Projects” in iMovie, in “Pictures” folder, and in Photos. Is it really in 3 places? Can I delete some to save space?
2) In Photos app, I now have individual clips I started with, plus new edited video I made in iMovie. Can I delete the clips? thanks much!


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    2 years ago

    Sure, you can delete the file in Pictures if you have imported it completely into Photos. Those should be exact duplicates of each other.

    Or, just leave it out of Photos and keep the file, which makes more sense to me. But the “project” is different. That is the iMovie project with all of you edits, adjustments and how it is all put together. You can delete that, but you won’t be able to edit the project again then and make adjustments.

    As to whether you delete the clips in Photos now that you have an edited movie is up to you. There are those who would never do that, preferring to keep the original source clips around forever. It is up to you to decide what you want to keep.

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