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How Do I Save Mail Attachments?

I appreciated your recent tutorial on saving emails as documents. But what about attachments? Is there a way to automatically open and save email attachments to a specific file (i.e. Downloads)?
Mike Norquist

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    5 years ago

    I don't think you'd want a way to automatically save attachments. Think about it. Do you want every attachment saved? What about people that attach a little company logo to every email? Or people that send you a funny photo that is nice to look at once, but you don't need to save it? Or what about a piece of spam that gets through that includes a dangerous attachment?

    There definitely should be a manual step in saving attachments. It is pretty easy to do now. Just File, Save Attachments. You could assign a keyboard shortcut to it in System Preferences, Keyboard if it is something you use often enough. You can also just drag and drop or click on the little attachment action button that appears near the top of the message when it contains an attachment and you move the cursor over the header information.

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