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How Do I Save Photos From Web Pages To My iPad?

I just bought a copy of “My iPad” (8th Ed, 2016) where it refers me to Chapter 7 to learn how to copy photos from web pages, but that information is nowhere to be found. I’m new to iPad and have a 9.7″ Pro. Haven’t started loading it up with apps yet. Can you help, please?
Jeanie Fraser

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    4 years ago

    To copy an image from a webpage, you can usually do it by tapping and holding on the image for a couple of seconds. A “Save Image” and “Copy” option should then appear. The first will put the image in your Photos Camera Roll, just as if you had taken a picture with your camera. The second copies to the buffer so you can paste into a document in Pages, Mail, Notes, etc.
    Note that if the website wants to, it can prevent images from being copied or saved. Many sites do this to protect their copyrights.

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