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How Do I Save the Current Wallpaper On iOS 13 To My Photos Library And/or Mac?

I have a great wallpaper on my iphone (7 running ios 13) but no longer have the image (it’s a painting by my young son.)

Is there any way to grab that image in it’s entirety and save it as an image again? I have a Macbook Pro and ipad Mini 5 to help with looking/transferring files etc,.

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    12 months ago

    Was it in your Photos library? Did you have a backup? Did you look in your recently deleted album in Photos to see if it is in there?

    As far as I know the wallpaper you see is in temporary storage location and I’m not sure there is any way to get at it.

    You could take a screenshot of it. If you have it on your lock screen and Home screen you can take a screenshot from the lock screen, and then one from a Home screen with only one icon on it. Then you could edit those two together to get most of the image.

    If you have a lot of time and patience you may be able to extract it from a direct backup of your iPhone to your Mac. It would involve doing the backup, then looking in your user Library folder at Application Support/MobileSync/Backup and then digging through all of the files and data there. You may find it there, and you may not.

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