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How Do I Search for Content In Word On Mac?

When using spotlight to search, my results do not include documents which is where I know the result lies. I can’t locate documents containing specific words or phrases.
I am running Sierra version 10.12.2
iMac 2010

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    4 years ago

    Look in System Preferences, Spotlight, Search Results. See if you have anything turned off. Also check in Privacy to make sure you have excluded them in some way.
    I can tell you that when I search for text inside of .doc files on my Mac, the results do show those doc files in Spotlight. So I know it works.

    4 years ago

    Gary, In preferences I turned off all EXCEPT documents as a trial. Still nothing except files that were .pdf docs. I am truly puzzled. Thanks. Beth

    4 years ago

    Beth: Turn them all ON. I don’t know if doc files are considered Documents, Other or something else. Also, are your Word documents .doc or .docx — it may be that Spotlight can’t see into .docx files to look for contents.

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