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How Do I Search for iOS Apps and Omit a Catergory Like Games?

Whenever I search for serious apps that perform a useful function I am overwhelmed by games. Is there a way to remove games from my search?

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    6 years ago

    Searching for something in the iTunes app store can be frustrating. There are just too many apps, and there are virtually no options when performing a search.
    One way to get around this is to not search inside iTunes at all. You can perform a Google web search of the iTunes web site. Then you can apply all sorts of Google search tools to narrow things down.
    For instance, a search for “plants” in the app store comes up with all sorts of game apps.
    So go to the browser, and search for: plants
    The first part is a Google search modifier that tells it to only return results from the domain The rest is the search term.
    The result is the same list of games, but you don’t need to stop there. Try this: plants -games
    The last part tells Google to remove any results that contain the keyword “games.”
    It isn’t perfect, but you do get a list of apps now that exclude games. You can continue to modify your search in different ways. The results can be much better than what you get inside of iTunes.

    John C Stires
    6 years ago

    In such cases, does Google leave cookies in my browser indicating my search parameters and use them to their ends?

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