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How Do I Search In Mac Mail In Monterey?

Ever since I upgraded to Monterey, I’m having a terrible time with searches in Mac Mail. It wants to search only the selected mailbox, and I don’t know how to tell it to search all mailboxes. Sometimes when I type in the search window, I see “Search All Mailboxes” appear as a choice. But usually not! I need to be able to search all mailboxes. Please help!

I need to be able to find both received and sent emails from particular people.
Ann Cornell

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    2 years ago

    When you type a search term, there are two places you can set the search area. The first is the top toolbar. You should see Search: and then All, followed by a list of mailboxes. Click All. You also see the same thing in the left sidebar. The sidebar changes to show "Search" at the top and then you should see "All Mailboxes" right under it. Click that.

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