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How Do I Secure My Mac?

I want to secure my Mac. I don’t understand why using the Safari built-in password manager
is really helping, since by knowing only one password i.e., the system password, I
know all the passwords.

I want to secure my Mac. How is the Safari password manager helping? If I know only the system password,
I know all the passwords.

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    2 years ago

    For someone to break into your accounts, they would need two things:
    1. Physical access to your Mac.
    2. Your account password.
    This makes it very secure.
    And by using a password manager (Apple or any other), you can now use strong, unique passwords for every site.
    The main way accounts are compromised is because of weak or reused passwords. They are almost always compromised from afar by a system that guesses weak passwords. But if you are using a password manager on your Mac, you can get access to your online accounts without much hassle, but some one from somewhere else would not be able to.

    Plus, add to that two-factor authentication for the important (or all) sites, it is nearly impossible to have your accounts compromised.

    See my free course on all of this here:

    Bob Gerard
    2 years ago

    Gary - would you confirm please, that even if someone got hold of your Mac, rebooted in Recovery Mode and reset the admin password for that computer...they still could NOT access your keychain/Safari passwords.

    2 years ago

    Bob: Reset your admin password how? I assume since this is a concern for you, that you are using FileVault. If so, the only ways to do that would be using your Apple ID password, or using your FileVault recovery key. So unless they have that, they can't just reset your admin password.

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