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How Do I See Big Images Of My Files In the Finder?

I’m using Catalina and no longer am able to see the files as scaleable images in the finder like I used to (was kind of like a slide feature). Is it possible to recreate that? Icon, list and column are still available but this fourth way is no longer there. I miss it!
Justine Murdy

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    2 years ago

    I’m not quite sure what you are asking about based on your description. There are three things I think you could mean. “Slide feature” could mean a lot of thing.

    There are still four modes in the Finder: Icon, List, Column and Gallery views. This hasn’t changed since Mojave. With Mojave the Gallery view replaced the old Cover Flow view. Is that what you mean? While Gallery view doesn’t have the same appearance as the old Cover Flow view, it still shows large images in a similar way, like a “slideshow.”

    Or, do you mean in Icon view, the ability to scale the size of the icons? You still have a “slider” for that in the status bar, just like before, but perhaps you have closed the status bar without realizing it? Go to View, Show Status Bar if so (it is Hide Status Bar) if already there. Then you see the slider at the bottom right corner and can use it to scale the size of the icons.

    Or, do you mean the Preview inside the Finder window. This is a column that appears to the right side of the window in Column, List or Icon views. To turn that on or off, go to View, Show/Hide Preview.

    Justine Murdy
    2 years ago

    Thanks for your comprehensive answer.
    I really did watch your “How to customize the Mac finder sidebar” video on the finder. Honest!
    I believe your 2nd paragraph is the one that applies. Yes, it must have been two system upgrades ago.
    I miss the “flow” view.
    I didn’t realize the icons could be made larger with the slider in Status so that helps to almost replicate the effect.
    Thanks very kindly.

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