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How Do I See Which Folder In Photos On My Mac I Have Earlier Put a Certain Photo?

I try immediately after I have taken a photo to put it in a certain folder in my Photos on iCloud. But after a while I might forget in which folder I put that picture.
I would then go to the start folder “photos” with all my photos, right click on the specific photo and go to “show info”.
But it seems like that is not tha way to find the right map with the photo I’m searching.
What would you do, Gary, to find out whether or not I earlier have put a certain photo in a certain folder?

Lars Kjeldsen

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    2 years ago

    So, by folders, what do you mean exactly? Do you mean albums?

    In the Photos app, the only place “folders” exist is when referring to a folder full of albums. But you don’t put a photo in a folder, you put it in an album. Then albums go into folders.

    So assuming albums, I’m still not sure what you are trying to do. All photos exist in the library once. You can view a list of them all by using the Photos view, which is maybe what you mean by “start folder photos.” It isn’t a folder, just a way of viewing all of your photos in chronological order.

    When you place a photo in an album, the photo doesn’t move. An album is just a list of links to photos. It is just like a playlist in iTunes or a Smart Folder in the Finder. The photos aren’t really “in” the album. The album is just another way of sorting and filtering the photos so you only see a small group of them and in an order you prefer. You can add a photo to many albums. So a picture of a flower in a garden you took on a trip in the summer of 2017 can be in the albums “Summer 2017” and “Flowers” and “Gardens” and so on.

    So it seems like what you want is to select a photo in the Photos list, and then see which albums you have added this photo to? I’m not aware of any way to do that. Usually if you have found the photo, you have found the photo. No need to look further. If viewing the photo inspires you to look at similar photos, you would usually already know the album, like “Summer 2017” or such.

    Lars Kjeldsen
    2 years ago

    Sorry, my English isn’t perfect. I meant “album” , not “folder”. But anyway – you managed to give me a useful answer.

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