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How Do I Select a Specific Sheet (tab) In a Spreadsheet With Over 200 Sheets?

I use a numbers spreadsheet to maintain a database of audio sample lengths in milliseconds based on bpm. Each bpm is displayed on a single sheet. The bpm values range from 50 up to 200+
For example an audio file that is 8 bars long at 120bpm will be 16,000ms, but at 135 bpm an 8 bar file would be 14222.2 ms. I use these values to edit commercial samples and my own loops so they are the correct length.
Since there are so many sheets scrolling left and right to get to a specific sheet is quite tedious. The time alone is a problem, but there’s an additional issue. It’s very easy to scroll past the sheet I want several times before finally locating it. It’s easy to overshoot due to the way scrolling is handled in Numbers.
Is there a way to select a sheet from a list and avoid the scrolling?
Malcolm James

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    3 years ago

    I wouldn't do this in separate sheets. Have one sheet with one table. Then use filters. Simply set the filter to the bpm column and you'll only see the samples that are that bpm.

    If you build it cleverly, you don't even need to change the filter. You can have a column next to the bpm column that is a 1 or a 0 depending on whether it should be shown or not. The formula in that can compare the bpm cell to a cell in a single-cell table. So if that cell in the single-cell table is 135, then all of the rows with 135bpm will have a 1 and the others will have a 0. You can then filter based on that row. Change the number in the single-cell table and you'll see only the rows you want.

    Doing it that way means you don't have to maintain 200+ sheets. Only one. That will be much easier to update.

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