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How Do I Select Audio Output On My iPhone?

When I have multiple audio output options on my Mac, I can go into System Preferences and select which one I want the sound to come out from. Is there an iOS equivalent to this?

Here’s the scenario: I’m listening to a podcast on my iPhone using bluetooth headphones while driving (so I don’t disturb the other passengers). My battery gets low, so I plug into my vehicle’s USB port to charge my iPhone, but when I do, the audio automatically reroutes from my bluetooth headphones to the vehicle’s internal speakers.

Is there an option in settings to force the audio to the bluetooth headphones so I can charge at the same time?

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    4 years ago

    What’s happening here is that the USB connection to your car is telling your iPhone that “I’ll handle audio output, send it to me!” And each car may be a little different in what signals it is sending to your iPhone about what it should and should not be handling,. Hard for me to test.
    Have you tried going to Bluetooth settings and re-stating that you want the Bluetooth connection? Also, have you brought up Control Center from the bottom of the screen and tried to change the output — AKA the AirPlay controls?
    I doubt either of those two things will work, but they are your best bets. I think the hardwired connection overrides them both.
    I have run into this before where I want the iPhone to speak directions while it is plugged into the car, but the radio is on. I think they fixed that to allow directions over the speakers, but that is a Maps-specific fix. Been a while since I tried it.

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