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How Do I Select Individual Email Addresses for a Group List In Contact?

I’m using Contacts 7.1 on a 2011 MacBook Pro (Mountain Lion). I have created a New Group distribution list, however I cannot figure out how to specify which email address I want to use. Many of my contacts have multiple email addresses, however for certain groups I want to use specific email addresses. Thanks for your help!
John Fischer

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    11 years ago

    When you add a contact to a group, and that contact has multiple email addresses, then it it should send the email to either the first email listed in the contact, or the email address most recently used, I forget which.
    But you can explicitly assign an email address to the list through a special interface.
    Control+click on the name of the group in the left sidebar. Select "Edit Distribution List."
    Now you see this special interface. Select the group on the left. You may need to click on a reveal triangle to see the groups inside of group categories like "On My Mac" or "iCloud." Select the group.
    Now you'll see a list of contacts on the right. To the right of each name should be each of their email addresses. Simply click to select the email address that should be used for the group.

    11 years ago

    Thanks Gary!! That was exactly what I needed . . . worked perfectly.

      11 years ago

      Does this have to be done everything time you send to that group? By the way, when addressing an email to your iMac group on your iPhone or iPad, is there a way to not have to click on every name individually?

        11 years ago

        Once you set this, it should remember.
        Groups have very limited functionality on the iPhone. If I remember correctly, you need to set them up and maintain them on your Mac.

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