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How Do I Select Multiple Sheets In Mac Numbers (is It Possible?)

Mac Numbers question: is it possible to select multiple worksheets, and make calculations in 3 dimensions? For example: a sheet for every month of 1 year, with detailed daily incomes and expenses. At the end of the year I want to make (with formula vertical lookup) one table with the total amount of each type of income and expense.
This is easy in MS Excel, until now I didn’t find a way to do the same in Mac Numbers.

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    5 years ago

    Why would you want to have 12 sheets, one for each month? If the data is daily, then it is probably the best design to have one table with data for each day in single rows. So one table, and keep adding rows (days) as time goes by. What is the reason you are splitting it up into months across sheets? You usually put like data in the same table (and sheet).

    If you want to be able to view a single month, you can use Filters or the new Smart Categories.

    That said, you certainly can have formulas that reference different tables on different sheets. Just start the formula, move to one sheet, click the cell, then + or , or whatever you are doing in your formula, then move to another sheet and click that cell, etc. But it will be a lot of extra work created by dividing the data into 12 tables across 12 sheets. Putting like data in the same table is the way to go.

    5 years ago

    Many thanks Gary. The reason I made a sheet for every month is because I use in every (daily) comment cell a drop down list with all the different possibilities in expenses and incomes (income en expense in different tables). That way I have an overview off the monthly table without having to scroll. In a separate sheet I've made a dashboard to collect information out of the monthly sheets, supplemented with other financial information (e.g. bank information), presented in graphs and tables.

    5 years ago

    Philippe: The problem is that by separating the data into 12 tables instead of 1, you are adding a level of complexity to your document. And you are then running into trouble because of that complexity. If you use filters, categories, or just scrolling like you mentioned, then you simplify things and it will make calculations and other things you need to do easier.

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