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How Do I Send an Email From Numbers?

Hey I hope someone can help me!
So I am trying to make numbers send reminders to students via email when they forget to hand something in but I cannot figure out how to do it!

Basically it is a numbers that will consist of the following:
Column A: Students first name, first surname and second surname.
Column B: Student email address.
Column C: First piece of work and mark (Numerical value in here)
Column D: Has the student completed the work? (This will consist of a YES or NO response)
Columns after will be a series of C & D columns (as there is more than one assignment).

I was wondering if it is possible to use numbers and script or automator to send students an email with some kind of generic “You’ve not handed this work in yet, don’t forget it was due on…” kind of email. All using numbers? Is this possible? If so, HOW?

Thanks for the help in advance!


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    3 years ago

    I think writing a script will be difficult. I don't know your level of coding experience, but I wouldn't try it without having done something like that before.

    But what you can do pretty easily is copy and paste from Numbers into Mail to send a message. So sort by that column D, or better yet use a filter (temporarily) to only show the NO values in D. Then select the email addresses in B. Copy. Go to Mail and Paste into the To field. Then add your message (copy and paste that from somewhere you saved the message to reuse) and send.

    That's just a few steps that should take less than a minute each time you need to do it.

    Douglas Brace
    3 years ago

    David, I am an LMS administrator at a college. Does your school have an LMS? If it does, have you checked to see if this type of functionality is available in it? For example, Canvas has functionality similar to what I think you are looking for and it is explained in the "How do I send a message to students from the Gradebook?" support article at If you do not know, I would recommend checking with your LMS administrator or IT Department.

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