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How Do I Send HTML Newsletter With Mail?

How to create and send HTML newsletter? What app is better use with Apple.

HTML emails are clean and adaptable to devices, I would like to recreate that format.

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    2 years ago

    You don't want to use Mail or any local email client to send a newsletter. When you send mass email, you should use a service. Sending mass email from your computer is probably against the terms of service for your email service, and could easily flag you as a spammer and get your account shut down. Also, email coming from a normal account going out to lots of people can be flagged as spam by the receiving email service. So you may have what is called "deliverability issues." You message may not get to some people.

    There are many great email newsletter services out there. I use Aweber for the MacMost newsletter. But there are many competitors out there. When you use these services, they allow you to format HTML email messages and usually have lots of templates and customization options available.

    2 years ago

    We are a small condominium corporation (15) and I want to send emails that look more professional as HTML. We can't afford external services for mailings. Do you have an alternative for a design look?

    2 years ago

    Mario: That's going to be very tough. 15 is probably fine, but sending out HTML-formatted email from a client like Mail is going to take some serious HTML and CSS skills.

    Fernando J. B. Gonçalves
    2 years ago

    I too produce a "newsletter" for the condominium (105 units) where I reside.
    Here's the steps I use:
    • Produce original document in Pages.
    • Save as .pdf
    • Send .pdf as attachment to residents (those who have given me their email address!)
    • Print (32 at this time) and hand-deliver to unit owners.
    I've used this method for the last 12 years and have had no issues.
    Hope this helps!
    - Fernando Gonçalves
    - Toronto, ON, Canada

    2 years ago

    Fernando: Instead of attaching the PDF to an email and sending to those people, why not post it to a website or any online place (Dropbox, iCloud, etc) and send an email with a link? Then the email is lightweight and people can download it when they want, at home on their computer instead of on the go on their iPhone, for instance. Plus, you could keep an archive of them online so people can refer to older newsletters without needing to save them all.

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