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How Do I Send Received Emails To Specific Folders?

I have a few important emails come in ‘buried’ in non-important emails, so the important ones are easy to miss. Is it possible to send all (Facebook for example), emails to a ‘Facebook folder’ to free up the inbox? Many thanks, Andy

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    3 years ago

    You can use a rule to do that. But set up rules on the server, not in the email client (app). If you are using iCloud, for instance, set them up at If you are using Gmail, set them up on the Gmail website, where they are called "Filters." See

    Another option is to change your Facebook preferences so you receive fewer of these messages, or none at all. If you don't consider them important, then maybe it is best not to get them. With things like Facebook, you can always see what is new by actually going to that site. So check Facebook on your own terms when you decide, instead of having it "push" notifications to you like that.

    What I do to deal with things like this is I simply go through my inbox and clear it out when I check my email. So those Facebook notifications, if I received them, would be quick glances and "Archive" for each. The important emails would get more attention. But after a few minutes my inbox would be empty.

    3 years ago

    Use the "Save As" command from the File Menu in Mail and save the important emails to the Documents File in a folder for the subject.

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