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How Do I Set a “Squelch” or “noise Threshold” To macOS Siri Mic?

running latest non beta version of mac OS. How can i get siri to ignore extraneous room noise and stop recording after i say a command.

In my room i have a fish tank that the air pump makes noise.
when i say a command to siri it keeps recording the room noise so it may take 2 minutes to execute the request.

so i would like to be able to set a noise threshold. so that my commands are enough to trigger, but when the level drops to just room noise the recording stops.
david hold

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    3 years ago

    There is a noise reduction option if you go to System Preferences, Sound, Input. Look for the checkbox “Use Ambient Noise Reduction.” But I think it will only appear for the internal mic, and maybe some other mics. Not sure. And chances are you already have it turned on.

    So the next thing you may want to do is to simply turn down the Input Volume using that slider there. You can probably cut it low enough so it can’t pick up the fish tank, but can hear you well enough for Siri.

    Another option would be to get an external microphone. There are a wide variety of these. I would look for one that is NOT omnidirectional. So it picks up only your voice from the general area of your head, not from all over the room. It would be tricky to get the right one. I’m not an expert in the field of microphones, so you may want to seek out some help there.

    Or, you can just use the Siri keyboard shortcut twice. This is what I would recommend. There is no need to wait for Siri to stop listening. I would set your Siri keyboard shortcut to something that isn’t a “hold” but a “press,” such as FN+Space. Then you press FN+Space to activate Siri and press FN+Space again after Siri has heard you to tell it to stop listening and process the request. You can use the Siri button in the menu bar the same way.

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