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How Do I Set a Start Time for a Song In iOS?

On my Mac, I often go under the “Options” tab in “Get Info” for a song and select a start time further into the song to skip intros and such. How do I do this in iOS?

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    4 years ago

    The answer is: You do it on your Mac. There are a lot of features like this that are only available in iTunes for Mac, but not on iOS. iOS interfaces tend to be simpler and leave some “pro” features for Mac users. But they sync with iCloud. So just set the start time on your Mac, and then it should work like that on iOS too.
    I just tried it with a song that was “matched” using iTunes Match, and another that was “Apple Music” so it seems to work pretty universally.

    Cameron Price
    4 years ago

    Oh, wow! I just checked, and you’re right (not that you’d be wrong). Several years back, I synced my iPhone with iTunes via USB, and the start times I set on my Mac didn’t get passed over to the phone. Glad to see that’s been corrected with iCloud.

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