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How Do I Set a Text Message On My Lock Screen In iOS Devices?

I watched your video on setting a text message, i.e., name and tel. #, on the lock screen of a laptop. But how do I set a text on the lock screen of an iPhone and iPad, since there is, in my experience, more probability of these being lost?
Dick Cournoyer

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    2 years ago

    There are two ways to do it. One is to simply change your lock screen wallpaper to have that information on it. You can make your lock screen wallpaper anything you want, so it stands t reason that you can use a graphics app, put an image or solid color in a graphic, and then add some text to it. Then save it to your Photos library. Then go into Settings and choose it as your Lock Screen wallpaper.

    There are some apps that specialize in making wallpapers, and they usually include a way to add text pretty easily. Or, you can just use a graphics app that you already have. You may need to try a few things to get the graphic to appear as you want with the text where you want.

    You can also simply put what you want into your emergency medical ID information. You do this in the Health app. Tap on Medial ID at the bottom. Then set what you want to be seen there. When someone finds your phone and can’t log in, they can tap Emergency on the lock screen. From there they can tap Medical ID. They can then see your emergency contacts. Paramedics know to look here, but so do employees at Apple Stores and mobile phone stores, a place where your iPhone may end up if lost. And now you know too.

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