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How Do I Set an Alarm With Sound for a Time Next Week?

I am trying to set an alarm for several days ahead on my I Phone 10. I am an elder and I need reminders that make a lot of noise so I use “Bell Tower” sound but how do I get beyond tomorrow?? Is there someway to set an alarm when I put the appointment in my calendar? There outta be.

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    2 years ago

    You would do this in the Calendar app. Create a new event there, and set it to the date and time you want. Give it the title you want. And also go to "Alert" and add an alert at the time of the event. The alert comes as a notification on your phone, not any kind of alarm. It should use the notification settings that you have in Settings, Notifications, Calendar since the notification is coming from that app.

    Mary Parmenter
    2 years ago

    Apple and all programmers/engineers need to be aware of the needs of all age groups. Thanks for the hellp.

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