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How Do I Set an Email Merge To a Small Company List?

I work in a small company (60 people) and use Apple Mail. I need to send emails to all employees and would like them addressed to each person individually (ex: Dear Joe) instead of sending them to our group list via BCC.
I keep the email address list in Excel and/or Pages.
Is there an Automator or Apple Script to recommend?
Is there a third party app?
(I saw a Q&A with Gary about this a few months ago, but there did not appear to be a solution.)
Thank you in advance.

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    5 years ago

    There isn't an easy solution, so you may want to weigh how much work you'd need to put in vs. how badly you want each person's name to be in the message like that. Is there a really good reason to want that?

    You could probably do it with a lot of JXA/AppleScript code. You can do anything with enough code -- you could build your own app if you wanted to.

    Another approach is to look on the server. Email is a server-based service anyway, with the Mail app just being a client (as a browser is to the Web). So the server you are using may have some functionality that you could use. Do you know what you company uses? Is there an IT pro there that can help you with it?

    Of course this is easy to do using an email service, the same ones used by those who send out newsletters and the like. But, again, if you just want to do this because it would look nice, then it probably isn't worth the money.

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