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How Do I Set Up a Shared Environment Within iCloud?

I’m having difficulty in creating a shared folder(s) using iCloud. I have a family account with iCloud with 200Gb space. We have two unique Apple ID’s and work from two different devices (iMac & MacBook). We share the 200Gb.

I have a set of folders that we both work from. Right now I have a shared server, albeit crude, using a networked drive on a time capsule. The time capsule is not backed up and only used for common documents. But when we have added new documents we then post them to the shared folder on the time capsule.

Whereas we now share an external drive, the iCloud, I was wondering if a shared folder could be created that need not be on the iMac or MacBook, only if you want it to be, but still accessible by both and each would have access to new documents created without having to physically share each time.

I hope I have made sense, and I’m sure what I’m doing is not the most efficient.

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    2 years ago

    File sharing in iCloud Drive works only for individual files, not folders. There is currently no way to share a folder with iCloud Drive.

    So your options are to share the individual files, or use another service. Sharing files works if you have a small set of specific files you can share. It makes sense in a lot of situations. As for another service, I’ve been using Dropbox for this since before iCloud Drive existed.

    If you just need to transfer files to one another, then AirDrop is the best way. Also, you could keep doing what you are doing with the shared drive. Seems that works for what you need.

    2 years ago

    Thank you so much for your quick reply and your suggestions. Do you ever think that iCloud will someday allow the sharing of folders. Just a thought as I would consider iCloud more akin to a shared server in a closed environment under a family account. It just seems so much more efficient such as Dropbox and the like. Again thanks for your reply and suggestions.

    2 years ago

    Hayward: Perhaps. You could always suggest it at Apple’s Feedback page. Once Dropbox (or Google Drive, etc) is set up, it really is as efficient as can be. There is just a folder on both your Macs and you can see the same things in them. Mobile apps to access the folder too. And once you add the mobile apps, they even appear in the Files app too.

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