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How Do I Set Up Music Syncing Through iCloud?

After updating iOS5, i can not setup up music, through iCloud. I can manage the apps, at app store purchased but, how do i manage the music??
Att itunes preferences/store i only have checked “books” and “apps” it doesn´t appear “music” to check. At the iPhone (4) on store settings it only appears “apps”…
I’m i missing anything here??
From Faial/Azores/Portugal
Thanks ;)
Nuno Melo

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    10 years ago

    You don’t — yet. That part of the service isn’t available yet. It still says “coming soon” at the Apple Site. You can get all of your new and past iTunes purchases on all of your devices, but the full “iTunes Match” that allows you to sync all of your music isn’t available yet.
    And it may not come you you in Portugal right away. It will likely launch in the US and other countries first. Then get rolled out in still more countries later. Apple has to secure rights in each country to allow your music to be stored “in the cloud.”

    10 years ago

    You should be able to download music you purchased from Apple to your phone. You can do that via the iTunes app on your phone/ipod, there is a Purchased tab in that app that will let you do that.

    As Gary says iTunes Match won’t be available til the end of the month. Additionally it isn’t free, it’s (in the US) $25 a year.

      Nuno Melo
      10 years ago

      Hi… thanks…
      At the app store app, it does appear the purchased, but at itunes app, it doesn’t…
      I’ll better wait than…!!!! ;)


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