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How Do I Setup a Selected Playlist To Be the Default for Music App?

How do I make a selected playlist on my Music app (IOS) to be the default choice instead of the general Library when the app is started?

I listen to music on my IOS through my car speakers (Bluetooth). Each time I select the IOS Bluetooth as my radio-listening choice, the Music app begins playing all songs in the general Library. I then have to navigate to my playlist of choice . This procedure must be executed each time I start my car and select Bluetooth as the radio input.

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    3 years ago

    I don't think there is any way to do this. What happens when you connect your iPhone to your car is a function of the car's stereo, not your iPhone. Some cars annoyingly start playing the first song in your library every time. I guess they think you are connecting some 1990s MP3 player with 10 songs on it or something. They are often so behind the times.

    So you'll just need to be ready to select a playlist every time.

    It definitely works better when a car has CarPlay. It also seems to work better on older cars when you connect directly to via a USB cable, as then it seems to pick up what is currently playing on the iPhone. I think the iPhone has more control when connected like that.

    3 years ago

    Got it, Gary - thanks!

    3 years ago

    I have had this question too for 3 years now. Thank you both for asking and answering it! I will use the USB cable going forth and see what happens.

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