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How Do I Share a Dynamic Apple Photos Memories Album

Gary, the Apple-created MEMORIES Albums feature of PHOTOS offers great potential for sharing. I find that when the album is run on either my desktop or mobile devices, the display is a full featured slideshow video with music/theme/scrapbook format. But using the share option, the recipients seem to receive/see only a static album without the video theme, music or format. There is an option for recipient to download the MEMORIES album, but from what I can see, it is still downloaded as a static display. Have I missed something?

Related question…is there a shelf life to the MEMORIES albums? Share recipients receive notice the iCloud link expires after ~60 days. Are MEMORIES albums on my systems removed from access over time? If I attempt to share an album I received after 60 days, will it be available to share?

Running High Sierra on 27″ – Retina 5K (late 2015) Photos 3.0 – I have two desktops and only one would upgrade to Mojave.

As usual, your thoughts are welcomed…Hal
Hal Plimpton

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    5 years ago

    Hard for me to give you advice on this since you are still using High Sierra. Memories changed a bit since then in Mojave.

    It sounds like what you want to do is to share the visualization associated with the memory, not the memory itself, which is a collection of photos. That's the title of the memory with the pictures fading in and out behind it, correct? I don't think there is a way to do that. It is just how the memory is being displayed in the Photos app on your machine, not really a thing you can share.

    You can certainly create your own Slideshow in Photos by selecting the memory, then File, Create, Slideshow. Then you can export that slideshow as a video and share the video any way you usually share videos. But that is probably not what you want.

    In Mojave you can save memories you like by using Image, Add to Favorite Memories, and then the memory is always listed under Memories, Favorite Memories. It won't disappear over time then. But I don't remember if that was in High Sierra.

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