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How Do I Share a Folder Between Different User Accounts?

I want to setup a folder accessible on both user accounts on MacBook Air. Can I? If so, How?

I store everything in folders on my account profile but want my wife to save files (pdf, pics, whatever) into an easily accessible folder on her desktop which also appears on my desktop so I can then transfer to folders in my account.
Brian Brown

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    3 years ago

    This is what the Shared folder is for. You'll find it one level up from your Home folder inside the Users folder. In the Users folder you should see your Home folder, your wife's Home folder, and a Shared folder. Inside that, create a folder you can both use. Call it whatever you want.

    I would just access it there. But if you really want to add something to the Desktop, you can make an Alias to that folder for your Desktop. Just drag it from the Shared folder to your Desktop while holding Command+Option to create the alias. The folder is still in Shared, but you have a quick way to access it on the Desktop. A better option would be to drag the Shared folder to the right side of the Dock and add it there so it doesn't clutter up your Desktop.

    Brian Brown
    3 years ago

    thanks Gary. I appreciate your help. It sounds so simple. I don't know why I couldn't work it out myself.

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