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How Do I Share a Live Photo Keeping the Livingness In the File?

How can I be sure that Live Photos, e. g. a loop photo in the Photos app, is still a loop (a micro video) when I share it in Messages or say Messenger.

Do I need to focus on the right file format? A jpeg file cannot show moves, right? It is difficult to control the result once you have shared, because which device does the receiver use? And will she also be able to see the livingness in the livePhoto as well?

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    2 years ago

    Is your goal to give them a looping video, or is a video good enough?

    If you you just need a video, then export "unmodified original" from Photos (on a Mac, I assume) and you'll get the video file. Send them that video file instead of the photo.

    If you want a loop, then you'll need to convert it to an animated GIF, which is a little more complex. And there is no sound.

    Of course if you know the other person is using an Apple product and has a recent version of the operating system that supports Live Photos, then you can just send them the photo straight from the Photos app and they will get the video portion as well.

    2 years ago

    Thanks Gary.
    Very quick to answer as always.

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