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How Do I Show Concatenate Results, Not Formula, In Numbers?

Know how to create concatenate results. Have forgotten how to change the results into numbers or text, instead of showing the formula.

Have text in 3 different columns. Have figured out how to combine all 3 into one column. However, when I click on a cell, all that I see is the concatenate formula. Would like to have the results in the actual combined text.
Lou Kaluza

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    2 years ago

    So you want to get rid of the formula and just have the results there as if you has typed them?

    You can do that by selecting the cell(s) and using Edit, Copy. Then without changing the select, use Edit, Paste Formula Results.

    Once you do this, of course, the results will be in those cells and will no longer change as the original cells change. Is that what you want?

    Lou Kaluza
    2 years ago



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