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How Do I Show My iPhoto Video/photos On a Flat Screen Tv?

I am using Snowleopard and iPhoto 09 MacBook Pro. My software is up to date.
Carolyn Williams

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    12 years ago

    It is a matter of getting the right cables. See what video out your MacBook Pro has (DVI? Mini Display Port? Thunderbolt?) then find out what you've got on your TV (VGA? DVI? HDMI?). Then buy the cable or converter to go from one to the other.
    There are many combinations and many cables available. Go to a computer store and ask for help if you have no experience in this area.
    Then you will probably have to set your TV to the right input to make the input you are using with the cables.

      Hal Plimpton
      12 years ago

      Another option that I have used successfully is viewing Videos/Photos via Apple TV connected via ethernet (not wireless). Perhaps a bit more expensive than cabling the laptop, but the features/functionality/flexibility of Apple TV is terrific and not limited to just Videos/Photos.

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