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How Do I Show the Date a Checkbox Was Checked In Numbers?

I’m using “Check Boxes” in Numbers. In column A I have the Check Box. In column B I want the date that specific Check Box was checked. If not checked then no date will appear.

So far The formulas I’ve tried changes all of the dates in column B to the date of the new checkbox.

What is the formula?
Please help.


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    2 years ago

    The cell doesn’t record anything except whether the box is checked or not — true or false. It doesn’t have a history of when it was changed. You can’t make column B populate itself with hard data when an action like that happens.

    So if you want to do something like this, you’ll need to enter the date in column B yourself. Then you can use column C to show that date if A is checked and blank otherwise.

    Or, maybe rethink your spreadsheet. If the goal is to record the date that something was done, then simply have a column that is that, and blank if the thing wasn’t done.

    2 years ago

    Interesting…. So if the Checkbox is a True or False it seems that it should be easy to have a cell that produces the date the checkbox becomes True. If it is False then no date is produced.

    I guess Ill rethink my sheet….
    Thanks, Gary

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