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How Do I Show the Percentage Of Checkboxes Checked?

If i may ask you this, as i can\’t find an answer somewhere online:
I have a sheet with many checkboxes to monitor the progress of the mixing parts for my album I\’m working on right now.

i´d love to have an extra box showing me
the progress of those steps in percent.

So, I´m searching a formula for this:
-All checkboxes “true” equal 100%
-All checkboxes “false” equal 0%

Do you have an idea how to set this up?

Stay healthy!

Super greetings,

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    4 years ago

    So a percentage is the number of items checked divided by the number of items total.

    To get the number of items checked, use COUNTIF. This function will take a range and compare it to a value. So if one row has checkboxes in B2 to E2, you can do this to get the total number of checkboxes checked:


    Then to get the total number of checkboxes, use COUNTA. This returns the number in a range of cells that are not empty.


    The formula you want then is this:

    If you have that formula in F2 then F2 will show the amount of the boxes that are checked. Then just change the formatting of that cell from number or "automatic" to Percentage so the numbers display like 75% instead of 0.75.

    Then copy and paste that into each row in that column as needed.

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