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How Do I Silence My iPad?

My iPhone and Wi-Fi iPad Pro both have ‘Calls on Other Devices’ enabled.

In class, I am taking notes on my iPad and I want to silence both devices. Both the iPad Pro and iPhone are connected to the classroom Wi-Fi. I mute my iPhone and I set (via control panel) the iPad Pro volume to zero (mute) and also set the iPad Pro to ‘Do Not Disturb’.

Then, someone calls my iPhone and the iPad Pro rings loud with the incoming call!

How do I prevent the iPad Pro from ringing in this situation?
Vincent Cina

Comments: 2 Responses to “How Do I Silence My iPad?”

    4 years ago

    So you have your iPad set to Do Not Disturb and it still rings?
    Perhaps that person is set to be a VIP, so their call doesn't obey Do Not Disturb.

    When you lower the volume, are you doing it on the Home screen? If it do it in an app, it may lower a different type of volume.

    I would just check and recheck everything. Then test it out by calling yourself from another phone to see what happens.

    Vincent Cina
    4 years ago

    I figured it out with more testing. I used the 'Control Panel' to set 'Do not Disturb' and I slide the 'Control Panel' volume slider to zero (mute). Calls to my iPhone still ring on the iPad.

    To silence the iPad ring in this circumstance, I need to use the physical Volume Down button on the iPad. This silences the ring even if 'Do Not Disturb' is not enabled and the 'Control Panel' volume slider is not set to mute.

    If this is the intended design, it seems non-intuitive to me.


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