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How Do I Snap a Photo With a Voice Command?

Can you snap a photo with a voice command?
Jerry Raphael

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    2 years ago

    If you have Voice Control enabled in Settings, Accessibility, then you can do it. You can pretty much do anything.

    With Voice Control on, "Open Camera App" will open the Camera app. Then you'll see hints for all controls. You can at least say "Tap Button" and then the number that appears next to the shutter button. But there may be other ways to trigger it too.

    Try it. Play around and see what you come up with.

    2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing! I tried "open camera" it works but "tap button" didn't work, might be my Spanish accent ;-)

    Marina Petro
    2 years ago

    Managed to 'open camera' but 'tap button' did absolutely nothing!! How do I take a pic with voice control?

    2 years ago

    Mario & Marina: In Settings, Accessibility, Voice Control go to Overlay. Make sure it is set to Item Numbers. Or set it to Item Names so you can say the name of the button rather than the number.

    2 years ago

    You could also use a Shortcut. Open the Shortcuts app and search for camera and you'll find a pre-made shortcut that allows you to say to Siri "Say Cheese" and it will automatically snap a photo and save it to your recents library in Photos.

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