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How Do I Sort a Group Of Columns and Rows Within a Spreadsheet/Table?

Thanks for your many videos of help. I have a situation where I need to sort a given number of rows and columns within a table leaving the header row intact.
By way of example. I have row 2 as a header, columns A & B as ‘headers’ and I want to sort columns E through J and rows 5 through 100 leaving everything else intact. I can’t seem to find the answer to this. Can you help?

So columns A & B are suppliers. Column’s E is a date column and F through K are same suppliers as Column A & B. However, Columns E ~ K are daily expenses listed with a total of each column in row 100 while Columns A & B is just a snap shot showing totals for each supplier.
Sometimes an expense is presented out of date sequence and instead of making space somewhere in the spread sheet to fit it in, it is easier to add it on the end and then do a sort to get it in the correct sequence.
Isadore Sacks

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    2 years ago

    This is how sorting works. Header rows are not part of the sort. Have you perhaps not set the two header rows to actual header rows, maybe?

    But it also sounds like you want to sort only selected columns? If so, then how is the data in those columns related to the data in the other columns? Seems like they are not related at all if you want to sort them and change which cells appear in which rows. In that case, you should separate things into multiple tables.

    So columns A and B should be a table of suppliers. Then columns E through K should be a separate table of expenses.


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