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How Do I Sort My Mail So That the List Is Based Around the Selected Message?

Before I upgraded to Sierra MacBook Air, 10.12.1, Mail 10.1(3251), in Mail it was possible to select a message and then change the sort method by clicking the header and the message remained as the centre of the sort. For example, I have them loading by date/time, but if I want look at all the messages from one person, clicking on his name and then the ‘From’ column header, it would list them all, still with his name centred on the window. Now, it defaults to the top or the bottom of all the messages in that mailbox and I have to scroll alphabetically to get to the list of his messages. Any solution or workaround please?
Christian Schaff

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    3 years ago

    So you are looking at a list of many messages, say 20. You can see messages 1 to 6, the rest hidden below the scroll. You select the 3rd message, lets call it message X. Then you sort by something else. Now message X is the 17th message in the list, but you only see the top 6 unless you scroll down to the bottom so you can see message X, which is 17th.
    Does that sound right?
    Message X is still selected, so you can still use the arrow keys. For instance, up arrow will go to message 16 and down to message 18. And the scroll jumps to show the selected message.
    Some experimentation shows that using the left arrow will do the same thing, but remain on message X, number 17 in the list.
    So there’s your solution, I think: resort, then left arrow.

    Christian Schaff
    3 years ago

    Thank you Gary, tried, tested and working!!
    Also thanks for your website and newsletters – I have been following for years.

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