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How Do I Speed Up Mac Dock Speed?

I like to use the dock hiding and used to have a terminal command that would allow the dock to appear “instantly” whenever the cursor moved over it….. with Catalina the dock has gone back to slowly appearing and disappearing, taking a second or two.
The terminal command that I used to use no longer works!

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    4 years ago

    Do you mean the autohide-delay setting? If that isn't working, I don't know of another way. I think it still works, it is just that it still animates even if the delay is set to 0. So no delay, but still an animation.

    4 years ago

    Thank you Gary, I appreciate your time. The Terminal command that I had set the delay to 0. But now it seems to be 2 so I will turn hiding off and just get used to it being there all the time I guess.

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