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How Do I Speed Up My Computer?

When online, my computer takes longer to respond then it did before. Are there any utilities that I can run to speed up my computer?

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    6 years ago

    So the problem is specifically that pages are loading slower? That sounds like a problem with your Internet connection, not your computer. So any fix would be specific to your type of connection, the service provider you use and the equipment they provide. It could be as simple as turning your DSL/Cable Modem off and on to reset it. Or, it could require that they come out and replace your equipment and troubleshoot your line.

    David Wright
    6 years ago

    My question relating to speeding up my iMac relates to the system operation.

    When watching your excellent videos I notice that when you open say system preferences, but not only this app, it opens almost instantaneously but on my computer it takes more than 20 sec. What can I do to improve this?


    6 years ago

    David: Impossible for me to guess. It certainly shouldn't take 20 seconds to launch System Preferences. You should have an expert take a firsthand look to see what makes it so slow. Genius Bar, perhaps.

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