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How Do I Speed Up My MacBook Air?

I am looking to speed up my MacBook Air – currently with Mojave OS.
The cleaning I refer to old or junk files, but I struggle with the concept of deleting files. I currently have 80,000 + files in my email client. But I am regularly searching them for client contacts and related information. (Probably because I haven’t filed them properly when they came in !!
Thx Greg Hollands
Greg Hollands

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    2 years ago

    There’s no magical way to clean up files you don’t use anymore. You can’t use an app and have it decide what you need and don’t need. If you have all your files in your Documents folder and you suspect there are things you no longer need, you have to take the time to look through everything, folder by folder, and see what you can delete, and perhaps old projects and such that you can offload to an external archive drive.

    But unless you are running out of hard drive space, this won’t help speed up your Mac. Having files that sit there and do nothing won’t slow things down.

    As for email, there’s nothing wrong with having a lot of email and searching. That’s exactly how I do it. I don’t “file” anything. Everything comes into my inbox, I read it and react if necessary, and then it goes into my single Archive folder (the default one that the Archive button in the Mail app uses). Then if I need an old email I search for it. This doesn’t take long and saves me time over the long run. Plus, “filing” falls apart when things come under multiple categories (a work-related email from a friend — is that “work” or “friends?” Will I remember my choice a year from now?)

    As for speeding things up, besides a full drive, it is processes running in the background and misbehaving apps that do that. Or, sometimes the misuse of apps (So many times I look at a Mac that someone thinks is running slow and immediately see that they have 40 tabs open in the browser).

    Do you have a lot of things going on on your Mac? A lot of apps running that are doing something in the background?

    Also, sometimes the slowness isn’t the Mac. For instance, I see Macs that are running fine but the Internet connection is slow, or maybe the Cable/DSL router needs to be rebooted or serviced. Or, maybe it is a single app that is running slow and needs to be upgraded or there is some function in the app that will help (like clearing out old data, etc).

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