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How Do I Split Cells To Rows or Columns?

Hi Gary,

Is there a way to do something like this in the current version of Numbers. I want to be able to split a cell into a column or row… Below is a video of this in action with Numbers 09


P.S. Please ignore the data in the video. I made it up in just 1 minute. This old feature would be actually useful in larger datasets.

Myles Russell

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    2 years ago

    In that video, when you split the first cell, it creates a new column. You start with column C, and then when you do the split, you get columns C and D that replace it.

    The current version of Numbers doesn’t let you split cells, but it does let you do the opposite — merge them. SO you can get the same results.

    So you can do the same thing in the current version of Numbers, but just start off with columns C and D. Or, insert a new column before the one you want to modify.

    You can shrink those two columns to half size if you like. If you really want it to look exactly the same, you can select pairs of cells, like C4 and D4 and use Table, Merge Cells.

    Myles Russell
    2 years ago

    Is there a way to do this with AppleScript? Because it is annoying for me to keep merging cells to get a similar result.

    2 years ago

    Hard for me to say how AppleScript may help. Why do you need to do this that often? Perhaps it would be better to come up with another way to build your spreadsheet tables. Instead of an example with random numbers, what is it you’re trying to do exactly? Why are you merging sell so often? Maybe if I knew why you need to do this I could come up with a better solution.

    Myles Russell
    2 years ago

    I don’t really need it that often, and I currently just merge the cells manually but I was hoping that AppleScript can make this easier.
    This is my situation that I encounter at work: I have a table that contain a list of transactions with around 10 columns, and I want to split a cell located in the payments column of one of the transactions, say for multiple payment options. I would want to split that cell into rows, thereby adding another cell for a second payment option for that line.

    2 years ago

    Myles: I would just create a second column for payments. So you have Payment 1 and Payment 2. In most cases you have only an entry in Payment 1. But when you need it, you fill in the column for payment 2. Otherwise, leave it blank. You can merge the cells from those two columns if you want. Or not.
    Notice that when you add a new row to a table, it will carry forward the merges. So if you have a table with 20 rows, and columns C and D are merged in row 20, when you add 21, they will be merged there too. But I don’t really think you need that. Just have two separate columns.
    Another option is to have another row for the second payment. So each row represents a payment. If someone pays in two ways, you have it on two rows. So row 45 may be for sale #875 and a payment of $120. And row 46 will also be for sale #875 for a second payment of $26. Each row is a payment, not a sale, which would make sense since the smallest “atom” of information is a payment in your case, not a sale.

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