Forum Question: How Do I Stitch Short Podcasts Into Longer for iPod?

I listen to podcasts when I walk. Often the podcasts are short and my walks are 1+ hours over rooty/rocky terrain. Because of this, I can’t load a new podcast every 5 minutes without stopping. So how can I join several 5 minute podcasts into a 1+ hour podcast? I am using Lion on a Mac Mini. I have tried putting several short podcasts into their own file but the iPod cuts off after one short podcasts.
Meri King Martin

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    9/15/12 @ 9:25 am

    Create a playlist. You don’t need to re-engineer the audio files. This is exactly what playlists are for.
    Create a playlist before you go on your walk. Add the episodes of the podcasts you want to that playlist. Sync with your iPod. Then listen to that playlist.
    You can even use Smart Playlists to automatically compile recent episodes of your favorite podcasts into a playlist if you don’t want to manually create it each time.

      meri king
      9/18/12 @ 12:56 pm

      have done this B4 & it did not continue on to the next podcast. So tried again but no go? So what’s the hitch/trick?

        9/18/12 @ 5:01 pm

        Not sure. Always seems to work for me. The very definition of “playlist” is a list that you can play. Hard to say why it isn’t working for you without a first-hand look.

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