Forum Question: How Do I Stop Battery Drain?

Ever since I upgraded to iOS5 my iPhone & iPod have been drain the batterie twice as fast as it did before> I took of all my push notifications & it still drains Any help would be great
John Repash

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    10/27/11 @ 1:33 pm

    Push notifications probably aren’t the issue. Perhaps you are using an app that uses GPS a lot? Or maybe you have the screen set to sleep after a longer period of time than before. It is hard to guess at what may be wrong without seeing it.

    10/27/11 @ 2:14 pm

    Gps apps will suck a battery dry in hours, but amy app that “uses your location” activates the GPS. Most turn it off after getting a fix, but if you see the little arrow at the top right of the screen, your GPS is on.

    Michael A.
    10/27/11 @ 3:07 pm

    Chris Breen wrote a helpful article about troubleshooting battery issues with his new iPhone 4S.

    Two things I learned from the article were how to view crash reports on the phone and how to monitor CPU usage with the System Activity Monitor app.

    Ultimately he reset his phone and he thinks maybe a corrupt contacts database was to blame. I had some iCloud and voicemail issues that were fixed when I reset my iPhone 4S and refrained from restoring the backup from my iPhone 3GS. It was a pain organizing all my home screens and reconfigurng apps but it helped.

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