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How Do I Stop Birthdays From Facebook Linking To My Calendar?

How can I delete/stop the birthdays for people in FB friends off my calendar? I want to keep my personal birthdays on the calendar.
Carolyn Molder

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    4 years ago

    If you see birthdays of Facebook friends in your Mac Calendar, then it must mean htree things:
    1. You have Facebook added as an account under System Preferences, Internet Accounts.
    2. In System Preferences, Internet Accounts under Facebook you have “Contacts” selected — it is “contacts” not Calendars you need to worry about since the birthdays are contact birthdays, not calendar events.
    3. You have the Birthdays calendar turned on in the Calendar app.
    So to get rid of them, all you need to do is turn off “Contacts” under Facebook in System Preferences, Internet Accounts.
    Unfortunately, this means you won’t see Facebook contacts in the Contacts app. But for most people this isn’t a problem. You can still access your “friends” information via Facebook, of course.

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