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How Do I Stop Duplicating Photos When My iPhone 7 Syncs To My MacBook Pro?

When I attach my iPhone 7 or my iPad Pro to my MacBook Pro they sync. As a result I get duplicates on all new photos on the iPhone or iPad.
I don’t use the iCloud Photo Library because of the internet speed at my location. My iPhone and iPad have My Photo Stream and ICloud Photo Sharing on. The duplicate photos one has the Trash Can and can be deleted and the other does not. I have worked with Applecare several times for many hours to no avail. They don’t have a clue. My wife and I have 2 iPhone 7’s and 2 iPad Pros and we share the same iCloud account. Duplications don’t occur on my MacBook Pro.
Dan Trout
Dan Trout

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    3 years ago

    Which versions of everything (macOS, Photos, iOS) are you using? In my experience, when you go to import from Photos, if there are duplicates then Photos prompts you whether to import the duplicates or not. It also prompts you to delete the photos after import. Both of these prevent this from happening. Are you not seeing those options?

    I can only speculate, since I can’t see what you have set and how you are doing it. But if you have Photo Stream turned on, then new photos may be coming through on Photo Stream and also when you import.

    Are you importing, NOT choosing to delete the imported photos, then syncing back to your iPhone/iPad? That could make the photos on your devices available in both places: camera roll (original) and in your library from the sync. Since you mention that the duplicates are on your iPhone and iPad, and not your MacBook, this could be it.

    Perhaps it is a combination of these. Photo Stream is sending new photos to your MacBook. Then you use iTunes to sync your photos back to your devices, so they are there twice.

    Can you verify if the duplicates appear on your MacBook Pro in your Photos Library? Or are they just on your iPhone and iPad?

    If your MacBook’s library is fine, then this is no big deal. It just means you have the original photos in your Camera Roll on your devices, and also synced back via iTunes.

    Also, I’m wondering if sharing an iCloud account could be at the root of this. As I hope you know, this is a very bad idea. It should be one Apple ID per PERSON. They are not meant to be shared.

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