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How Do I Stop False Emails?

I keep getting tons of emails every day to an email address very close to mine but missing a “period.” I just keep on deleting them without opening any but they still keep on coming in. Help
Keith Hill

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    4 years ago

    Are they coming from a source like a company newsletter or marketing list? If so, look for the Unsubscribe link, usually at the bottom of the message. Then click it to unsubscribe.

    Since you are getting a lot of these, I'd imagine a lot are coming from sources like that, so that will take care of most of it.

    If you keep getting some from a source that doesn't have an unsubscribe link, then maybe consider filtering those. Since you are using Gmail, you can go to the Gmail web interface and add a filter for mail coming to you "from" a specific address and have that sent directly to Trash.

    Keith Hill
    4 years ago

    Thank you for the speedy reply. I clicked on UNSUBSCRIBE to every email, and there were lots, that I didn't subscribe to or want. Now I will wait and see in the next few days how that works. You are a blessing!

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