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How Do I Stop Getting Emails Not Addressed To Me?

I have one address, but am getting all kinds of messages where the TO: is a variety of things like * *, etc. I can click on the arrow next to the name and in some I can block the contact. If I go to it again the option is to unblock the contact. Others the block is there but does not block it. I use and to access my email. My Malwarebytes and Avast scans do not show problems. How are these things getting into my system when I am not the addressee? Is this a serious problem with someone getting into my system? Can you give me some advice on how to resolve what is going on? Where to begin and what to look for? Many of them say “This message has no content”. Lots of time I get 6 of them in 10 minutes with the same subject. Most appear to be advertising of everything from soup to nuts. Need a confirmation, ACE loans, congratulations, Home Depot, Alerts

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    2 years ago

    Hard for me to tell what is going on with just that information. But it could be simply that these are just regular spam emails. The "to" is to someone else, but the BCC (blind copy) is to you (and others, probably). You can check this by viewing the source code for the message. Search for your email address in the source and you'll see if it is a BCC to you.

    If that is the case, then it is just normal spam. Just delete them and move on.

    Blocking won't work because the "from" is fake and changes all the time. It is fruitless to try to block spam email because of that. This has nothing to do with what is installed on your Mac or how your Mac is working. They are messages coming into your email account, on the server, with no relation to your Mac.

    1 year ago

    My situation is identical to Dennis. Could someone tell me how to stop these? I get many each day and they are from pretty legit businesses that I am NOT interested in. Unsubscribe does not work either.

    1 year ago

    Kris: Any "legit" email will have an unsubscribe link in it. Look carefully for that. Sometimes it is at the bottom. If it doesn't have an unsubscribe link, it is not "legit" and is just spam. Delete and move on.

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