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How Do I Stop Pop Up Windows?

Sine last few days while surfing the net using safari, i get a pop up window, even while i search in google or youtube. How can i stop this from happening? I have the option enabled of stopping pop up windows in safari, but still its happening. I’ve also tried deleting the cache. Also is there any probability that it could be a virus or something although i doubt it.
Thanks in advance!

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    3 years ago

    It could be that you have installed adware. This isn’t a virus, which is far more dangerous, but something you downloaded and installed. A trojan. It is likely that you installed something else, and the adware was part of the deal.

    First, I would follow the steps here: If that doesn’t work, as it states at the bottom of the document, you can contact Apple for help. I would recommend making a Genius Bar appointment instead of a phone call, if an Apple Store is near you.

    Another option is to remove it yourself if you have the technical know-how. If you can look carefully at the pop-up windows and other things going on with your Mac, you may find clues that help you identify the adware. If you can identify it, you can search for uninstall instructions online. This usually involves removing just the right files from the Library folder.

    A third option is to use Malwarebytes, the free version. Use it just one time to remove the adware. I would only recommend this if you can’t get an expert to help (Genius Bar, etc) and you can’t identify the adware and find uninstall instructions.

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