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How Do I Stop WANTED Mail From Going To Junk Box?

I have a subscription which mail sends to junk folder.

I have entered the address in my contacts.
I have made a rule to send mail with that address to my inbox.
The mail still goes to junk.
Jim Steel

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    3 years ago

    First, you need to identify which junk folder it is going to. It looks like you are using Yahoo’s email service. So you may find you have a junk mail folder that is part of Yahoo’s service, and also one that is local on your computer in the Mail app. Or, you may just have one or even more than two.
    If this is a junk mailbox connected to your Yahoo account, you may want to try logging into Yahoo mail on the web and seeing what options are there. You can probably add these contacts to your Yahoo contacts list, which may or may not be different than your Mac’s contacts. If it is Yahoo doing the filtering here, then the contacts should need to be in your Yahoo contacts on the web in order for them to indicate that this mail is not junk. Or, Yahoo may ignore that — I’m no insider to how Yahoo handles email. In my experience Yahoo does a poor job of filtering junk email and all things that have to do with email. I use Google and Apple for email services and avoid Yahoo.
    If this junk mail filtering is going on on your Mac, then you can consider turning off junk mail filtering entirely in your Mail preferences. I haven’t used that in years, because Google and Apple do a great job of junk mail filtering on the server (where it belongs). But Yahoo doesn’t do a good job.
    So your other option is to use Mail Rules (Mail, Preferences, Rules) to set a rule for each sender to not go to junk. That may help.
    As with a lot of things, you are going to have to experiment and figure out what works best with your situation.

    James Steel
    3 years ago

    Thank you. This is very helpful!

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